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*knees shake* um...hi...i am new here...i just sort of came across this site, and i was like, "wow, this is pretty cool." So i thought, why not give it a shot eh?
So it's all sort of confusing at first, this is true, but i can be a very persistent person at times so i am going to get this even if it leads to myocardial infarction. That's a heart attack. I just learned that.
So, I'm just your sort of average teenager... you know...well rounded...sorta. Female. definitely female. *checks again just in case* I don't make the best grades in school, usually like c's and b's, because i don't really apply myself. I do like education though, and i usually do quite well on my standardized tests. Actually, i do REALLY well. i'm not un-smart...just lazy :)

so... I like poetry. I've been writing it since i was about 11, except i'm much better at it now, because i'm not stupid. I went through a stupid phase, but i'm over it now:)

I love to write, and I like being creative.

and hopefully soon i'll rewrite this bio when i've learned to get around on this site.