The radio frequency spectrum is a graphical representation of radio frequency allocation. Below I have a text summary of the radio frequency spectrum from 0 Hz to 30 GHz:

0 Hz to 300 kHz: Very Low Frequency, Low Frequency
550 kHz to 1700 kHz: Medium Frequency, Amplitude Modulation Band, Amatuer radio, Ship to Shore, Cordless phones
3 MHz to 30 MHz: High Frequency, Amatuer radio, Intl'l Broadcast, Ship to Shore
30 MHz to 88 MHz: Low band, TV Ch 1-6, Land mobile communications, Cordless phones
88 MHz to 108 MHz: Very High Frequency, Frequency Modulation Band
108 MHz to 300 MHz: High Band, TV Ch 7-13, Amateur radio, Aircraft communications, Land mobile communications, Marine radio
300 MHz to 1 GHz: Ultra High Frequency, TV Ch 14-38, Land mobile communications, trunked phones, Cellular phones.
3 GHz to 30 GHz: Super High Frequency, Part of Microwave Band, Military Radar, Police Radar, Long distance phones, Satellite.

Please note that this is a textual representation of a graphic aide. I hope you find the information useful.