One wierd dream right here. But here we go! This dream apparently is my idea for a Volkswagen Bug commercial.

An outside view of the blue Bug, as it cruises along. Girl in the passenger seat. Music blaring (Suck on my what you wanna do.........yeah(Da Dik Suk by DJ Boom Boom)). The blue Bug pulls up to a stop sign, and the view transfers inside the vehicle. The girl says to the driver, "This is gonna be a long night!" The driver grins. A pack of high school kids walks by, and one says, "Hey, cute car!". The guy sticks his middle finger out the window and screams, "Hey, fuck you!". (Anyone who's seen the VW Bug "Rally" commercial knows where this came from) The shot transfers to the outside view once again, and the vehicle cruises along, music blaring, ready to party.

Interesting dream, huh? If VW actually had an advertising campaign like this, I might actually buy one of those gaymobiles. Imagine that.