So, I'm sitting in History class, and my pager starts vibrating. I slickly reveal it, hiding it from my teacher, and say "Mr. *, I'll be right back". The pager screen reads "yo someone talking shit*d wing*pete".

I cut through people in the crowded halls and reach the D-wing. I see Pete there telling off this kid, and they push each other back and forth. The kid sees me, and says, "There you are, you fucking bitch." He approaches me and tries to hit me, but before he connects I push him back and start kicking the shit out of him. Pete starts cracking up laughing while I haul ass back to class after sufficiently beating the little bitch. Looking back I see three of our security guards running over. I get back to class and say, "Sorry, Mr. *" and go on with my work.

Interesting dream. Probably just another sign of my recent, stress-induced violence. Imagine that.