I was sitting at the table, drinking a Fresca. I was ready to go out. My teeth were brushed, I had one of my favorite outfits on, and I was wearing colonge.

The doorbell rings. Not at all surprised, I go answer the door. It's her. She looks great.

Me: Yo....what's up?
Her: Nothin'
Me: Come in
She comes in and we hug. We don't say much to each other. Instinctively, we head down to my room. The house is cold, and she is too, although her hug feels so warm. She gets into my bed, and I follow.

I lay on my back, and she climbs on top of me. We're facing each other. My hands are on her cute little ass, but I move them up to her sides. She smiles and looks deep into my eyes.

Wake up, you have to work in half an hour and your coffee's ready. I wake up and grab the Fresca at my nightside table and take a sip. She's going to be here in a few hours...and I'll be able to feel her warmth outside my dream. Imagine that.