Wow. I didn't sleep at all last night. I was up till 4:00 AM. I was just thinking about my SO, who is leaving for 10 months on the 12th. Wow. My best friend moves to Maryland on the 22nd. My ex-girlfriend from upstate comes here on the 19th. My parents are *NOT* getting along. Someone, HELP ME! I pace all the time, in the shower, on the phone, noding. My mind is racing, and I can't slow it down. My SO just called. She'll be here in about an hour.

She finally got here, an hour late. But that's okay, I love that girl to death. She only stayed for a moment, then we went for a quick drive, and then she said she'd be back later. :( Well, it's an hour, 45 minutes later, and no sign of her, and I can't find anything to do. Our days are numbered, I wish I could spend more time with her. The other night she snuck in my window and climbed into bed with me. My mom has support group meetings with overweight women, and tonight they're at our house. I wish I could find something to do.
The day continued. I feel better, but I'm having legal/business problems, and I just got a statement from my broker in the mail. Disappointing at best.