The Tale of The Mouse
Part the Fourth

TheMouse goes 1 and 1!!

The scintillating BaByliss Rapide 2000 is posted and survives! It's reputation soars to a massive 6!! Bells are rung! Claxons are sounded! (It must have sneaked through whilst the editors were asleep!)

Any abusive messages in the inbox??
Anything at all?
Well, better luck next time I suppose.

Of course I am entirely unsure as to whether anyone quite got the point. Probably not. But then I'm currently of the opinion that the audience at E2 is composed almost entirely of American teenage adolescents, and whilst I'm many things I'm not one of those, so I suspect it's just a question of speaking an entirely different language.

Coming soon the dishwasher metanode, Dyson v Hoover: the playoffs, electrical light fittings I have known and loved!

Now i'm off to look up what postmodern means.