The Tale of The Mouse
Part the Second

How strange! Life sure is complicated.

First my dear write up on How to write poetry for E2 was pulled. Then in a fit of sheer arrogance I reposted the whole thing yesterday as a daylog (Well OK, I did bracket it out with a little explication, perhaps that made a difference.)

Does Klaproth whisper gently in my ear once more? No, it is the voice of Cool Man Eddie that speaks not once, but twice. (I thank you both.) Even better TheMouse has some messages waiting;
2002.10.24 at 19:17 E***** says Do not despair. Read more than you write. Ask questions.
2002.10.24 at 20:18 B***** says re daylog. i like it. oh god, i like it so very much. i would appear more enthusiatic, but i spilled koolaid in my keyboard. i can no longer use the shift key hindering my usage of both punctuation and capitalization.
2002.10.24 at 20:34 S***** says your poetry thing rocks. I can't believe it got deleted. I bet if you weren't new it wouldnt have been. this place can be ridiculous sometimes.
2002.10.24 at 21:17 S***** says re October 24, 2002: Awesome writeup. Some of these editors really are total dicks...
2002.10.24 at 21:27 E***** says re October 24, 2002: Wished I'd seen your original node-- I would have C!ed it. Very astute observations.
2002.10.25 at 11:34 b***** says - just read your October 24, 2002 sorry Klaproth ate your original post, you didn't deserve that.
2002.10.25 at 11:35 b****** says Don't get discouraged!

(All names removed to protect the innocent and guilty alike.)

TheMouse is not discouraged and feels no despair. TheMouse was not unduly worried about having the damned thing deleted in the first place. TheMouse was just having some fun and TheMouse believes in fun.