History almost repeating itself

Sometime ago I posted a tale under the title The hidden dangers of mobile phone use that recounted the tragic death toll that arose as a result of attempts to retrieve a dropped mobile phone from a Kenyan latrine.

You would have thought that such a tale would have been sufficent warning to convince people to a) be more careful with their damned phones and b) not to try and fish them out from the dark

But no, some people will never learn, as in the case of Kevin McKeon, aged 25, from the town of Taunton in Somerset, England who was walking home after a night out at a local public house on the evening of Tuesday the 27th May when, that's right, he dropped his phone and it fell down the drain.

So what did he do? Go home and contact the local water board or the fire brigade? Write it off as bad luck and get another phone? No, he lifted up the grate of the drain, knelt down and lent into the drain in order to retrive his precious mobile phone.

Then we have someone named as Brian Wilkinson, aged 65, (newspapers always tells us how old peple are for some reason) driving down the road at around 11pm, who saw a pair of legs sticking out of a drain, and stopped to investigate. (Well you would wouldn't you, its not something you see every day.)

What he found was of course, one dead Kevin McKeon who had slipped head first into the drain and drowned.

His mother Carol was later quoted as saying;

"It was a nice mobile phone and I suppose he was just trying to get it back. He was a beautiful child, he had everything to live for. As a child, I taught him to beware of drains."

For some reason I find that hilariously funny. I must be a very sick person indeed.

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