Now that's odd. I seem to have one less write-up than I should have. Dear me, "Free Ticket Booth" seems to have disappeared, into that limbo that is quaintly called Node Heaven with scarcely a word.

But TheMouse is enviormentally friendly and recycles everything, so here for your delectation is the offending piece that caused some editor type person to reach for the delete button.

Free Ticket Booth


A Chance Card from Junior Monopoly.

Do not move your car. Look at the colour on your card and find the matching coloured Amusements on the gameboard. Can you place one of your Ticket Booths there?

If either one is free, move one of your Ticket Booths onto the space. If both Amusements already have two different coloured Ticket Booths on them, you may remove either one of them and replace it with your own Ticket Booth.

However if there are Ticket Booths of the same colour on each Amusement, bad luck, you cannot replace either one. In this case - and only in this case - you may discard this Chance card and draw a new one. Follow its instructions.

From the official Junior Monopoly rule book.


Wait! You're not going to downvote this are you? Oh well, if you insist, but it's all information. Well OK, it's not very exciting information, but I can't help that. Junior Monopoly isn't really an exciting game, and I should know as I'm forced to play by my daughter. And she cheats. It's only fair you should share the pain.

And I know it's a little short, but there you go. Of course it would help if I had some pseudo quotes from General Pimpleface or somesuch to help pad things out a little. I thought of making something up, but inspiration deserted me.

And I know it doesn't make any sense taken out of context of the game as a whole, but no one else seems to worry about that sort of thing, so I don't see why I should either.

Next up I think I shall do Master Bun the Baker's Son as part of my ongoing work-in-progress Happy Families: The Game. This will be followed by my The Edge Chronicles Project in which I shall naturally node every single character, location, event and concept featured in this series of books, in order so that you may more fully appreciate these works of fiction.

(Actually, I'm genuinely surprised no one has already done this.
Go on. Just tell them TheMouse made you do it!)


Noding for Numbers?. Pah!? You boys and girls haven't seen anything yet!

Got that? Now it made more sense under its own little node where I could (and did) softlink it to one or two examples of those Magic: The Gathering, Warcraft III and Harry Potter type nodes. Of which there seem to be so many.

Perhaps I shall do Master Bun the Baker's Son. What do you think?