Ah kindergarten. So many images. So few memories. Give me a break will ya? I was just a little kid at the time. But from what I do remember I'd do just about anything to be back in kindergarten again.

How awesome would it be to being learning how to count through 100 again as opposed to Algebra Four? To be learning the different between and "a" and an "e" as opposed to why it's a sin against the Revealed Word to use a pronoun without and antecedent? To run out to recess instead of run the track until your lungs burst and your tongue falls out?

There was only one real horrendous crime you could commit as a remember it, at least with my rather high-strung kindergarten teacher: talking to loud. One of the only really defined memory I have from kindergarten were the times when my teacher practically went into anaphalactic shock from yelling at my class to be quiet. It might have had something to so with the fact that the class had thirteen males and one female, again one of the only things I remember about kindergarten. Then there was always the ADD kid named Anthony screaming in the corner. How good it is to remember again the idiosycrasies of the 5 year old child.

Kindergarten was a time of innocence, playfullness, and cloudy memories of screaming children barely out of their diapers with a teacher almost as bad.