Wing Bowl is a competition held in the United States every year to see who can sonsume the most amount of chicken wings in a 30 minute time period. It is sponsored by radio stations across the country. In order to qualify, contestants are each given a hamburger roughly the size of a volleyball. Those who qualify are then systematically eliminated until they reach the final round. The final round usually attracts quite a bit of publicity; this year 5,000 people attended. Even though the main focus is a bunch of big fat guys who can eat a metric ton, attractive scantily clad ladies are the ones running the show and feeding thess guys the wings. Bulemia is not allowed; if you throw up, you lose - and that's often how contestants are eliminated.

This year the final round was held in Seattle, Washington. El Wingador won, making him the two-time defending champion. He consumed a total of 137 wings. Without throwing up. The final preparations for next year's Wing Bowl have yet to be made, but expect El Wingador to be a factor.

When asked to comment, El Wingador said, "It's thirty minutes of hell, but it's worth it."