The point of life is there is no real point of life. Nearly every possible answer to that question can be refuted with reasonable ease.

Many people say the point of life is happiness. But happiness is such a fleeting thing. Why live solely to be happy? Happiness is only an emotion. And what makes one happy constantly changes as well. Happiness is only a human concept. Take other animals for example. Why do they live? It is highly doubtful that they are motivated by happiness.

Others say that the point of life is life itself. But there is hardly any point to living in itself. We grow up, reproduce and live out our lives. Our children grow up, reproduce and live out their lives. The cycle continues pretty much interminably. What exactly is the point of this endless cycle? Do we need to proliferate ourselves over the four corners of the Earth? Probably not. Many would speculate that the world could do better without us.

The list continues. Let's take a look at why animals live. It seems reasonably apparent that they are motivated by instinct to survive. It is programmed into them. Is it not possible that the same "programming" still runs strong in humans? Perhaps. It seems that there is, in fact, no point of life. However, I think I'll keep living because I see no point in ending my life as well. Perhaps that's why we live. There's no point in not living. Ah, the wondrous joy of the paradox!