Begin rant.....

In response to Judeoslav's write-up, among others, I would first like to say that I'm Jewish as well, and while Jews for Jesus may seem (and probably is) pretty bad, I think that it's just as bad to tell them that they're not Jewish. As long as they don't force people to join them, there's really nothing anybody should or could do. You bring to light one of the many current problems with Judaism as a whole today -the vicious infighting. While I do agree with you on some levels, I simply do not agree that anyone can tell these people whether they are or are not Jewish, and here's why:

Judaism has been through a lot. Slavery, mass murder, exiles, the whole nine yards. But we've survived. We've survived by sticking together. Now though, society is beginning to change. While prejudice against one another is far from over, it's been diminishing for a long while. However, something has happened to the Jewish faith, especially here in America. Now that many of the crises are over, the many factions of Judaism seem to be eyeing each for the first time. And not liking what they see. It seems that everywhere you go, there's tensions between the Orthodox and Reforms, the Conservatives and the Reconstructionists, basically between every faction of Judaism.

And it's tearing us apart! All this finger pointing, is excuse the language, horsecrap! Everyone is sending a message to everyone else: you're not Jewish enough for me And that really hurts. Because it's not about the group as a whole. It's about the individual. That's what religion is all about - how it works for the individual. I need to repeat that again, because people don't seem to understand that these days: Religion is about the individual! It's just despicable that person A tells person B that they can't be Jewish, Catholic, Wiccan, whatever, because they don't meet person A's standards. Well, I'm sorry, but that's not person A's decision.

Religion cannot be defined by the whole - it's up to each one of us to determine what religion means to us. So telling the Jews for Jesus they're not Jewish because they don't meet your standards is every bit as bad as the Hasidic (I hope I spelled that right) movement saying that everyone else isn't Jewish because they don't meet their standards. I realize that the Jews for Jesus may not meet yours, or mine, or any other Jew's standards for what is Jewish. But they meet their own. And that's really all that matters. They may try to convert all sorts of people, but as long as they're not hurting anyone in the process, and people still go over ot the so-called dark side out of their own free will they should be allowed to call themselves what the want to call themselves.

......end of rant