James Bond's first gadget was an attaché case. Hidden about itself was a small knife concealed in the side, 20 rounds of ammo, 50 gold sovereigns, an AR7 sniper rifle and a canister of tear gas which would explode if the case is opened the wrong way. (From Russia With Love)

Though not a very impressive device, he also had a pocket pager. Not very impressive now, but at the time, no one actually had pagers. (From Russia With Love)

Bond did have a jetpack that could raise a man to about 600 ft. It was used during an escape scene. (Thunderball)

He had a rebreather, an emergency breathing device that looked like two miniature pony bottles. There was enough air in it to last four to five minutes. Which is interesting, since the average pony bottle is about four times as large, and contains a scant 30 seconds of air. Of course, the British are not known for breathing overly much. (Thunderball)

There was also an underwater mobile unit containing two oxygen tanks, a propulsion unit, CO2 spear guns, and a light. Again, not a real impressive device, but quite useful. (Thunderball)

One of the first watches he wore was actually a geiger counter. (Thunderball)

Something I wouldn't mind having myself was Little Nellie. A small, powerful weapon, Little Nellie took four suitcases to contain. It had two front machine guns, two front rocket launchers, heat seeking missiles, aerial mines, two back smoke producers, and two backward flame-throwers, plus the ability to fly. (You Only Live Twice)

Seeing the future of scanning technology, James Bond had a combination safe-cracker/copy machine as well in one of the movies that only the truly die-hard James Bond fans have seen. (On Her Majesty's Secret Service)

Never lackinging in style, Bond wore a Rolex that served as a powerful magnet and a spinning blade. (Live and Let Die)

Never one for conventional methods of killing, Bond used a bullet that contained highly compressed air. After being shot with it, the man would inflate like a puffer-fish until he exploded. (Live and Let Die)

One of the very stylish cars James Bond drove was the Astin Martin DB5. Among the not-so-standard features were rotating license plates, machine guns, smoke screen, tracking device, oil slick, an ejector seat, and a bulletproof shield in back(Gold Finger)

Another car driven by the hero was a Lotus Esprit, which had the ability to become a submarine, had depth charges, missiles, and the ability to fascinate beachers. It should be noted that this is the only car in my recollection that he actually returned to Q relatively unharmed. (The Spy Who Loved Me)

James Bond flew around in a Mini-Jet Acrostar as well. It was a quick, light, and small mini-jet with extremely good handling. (Octopussy)

I suppose they were trying to appeal to those of us who can't afford Rolexes, Bond wore a Seiko twice. One was equipped with a directional locator which picked up the frequency emitted by a tiny homing beacon. (Octopussy)

The other Seiko was packed with plastique (C-4) with a timed detonator. (MoonRaker)

Bond also had a dart-gun worn around wrist like a watch and triggered by nerve impulses, the dart gun came with 5 blue-tipped armour piercing darts and 5 red-tipped darts which were cyanide coated. (MoonRaker)

Fulfilling every boyhood dream, Bond gets to fire a "laser beam" gun that can cut through very nearly anything. (MoonRaker)

Not to be outdone, however, he was later featured wearing a very stylish Omega Seamaster Professional Diver's Watch. Hidden within it was a cutting laser as well as a remote detonator. (Goldeneye)

Something I wish I had, personally, was a ballpoint pen that you could convert to a timed grenade by clicking it three times. I love the way it was eventually used. (Goldeneye)

Keeping with the times, bond eventually uses an Ericsson cell-phone that had a fingerprint scanner, a 20,000 volt security system which can be activated by pressing recall, 3, send, on his phone, and a lock pick. He can drive his BMW with the pad inside the phone and he sees where he is going through the screen also on the inside. (Tomorrow Never Dies)

And of course, what BMW would be complete without a special keyring that can release nerve gas with the first bar of "Rule Britannia" whistled at it. As usual it was packed with explosives triggered by wolf whistle and held skeleton keys that could open 90% of world's locks. (The Living Daylights)

I'm sure there are many other gadgets that I'm forgetting and can't find reference to. If you happen to think of any others, feel free to add them to this node.