Two things:
  • Women don't like assholes, but they don't like dishrags and doormats either. If you're desperate, and believe me women can tell when you are, you're more likely to turn into one of the latter. It's not a sexy look on a guy.

  • Quite a sizeable proportion of the "nice guys" I've been friends with in my life aren't half as nice as they'd like to think. They use a nifty bit of lateral thinking - women prefer assholes, I'm not having any luck with women, therefore I must be a Nice Guy(tm). Let me tell you, they can turn decidedly nasty when they don't get what they thought they were going to get (namely you), and the accusations (you manipulated them, teased them, used them, strung them along) go flying. I've lost quite a few male friends over the years because, after several years of pent up sexual frustration, it finally dawned on them that no, I'm not going to.