Everything went fine until we started on the mushrooms. We'd gotten ReiToei and K9 to stop banging their heads against the wall of the pub, and ryano stopped running around the place, trying to play tag with the bouncers. I even persuaded him to put his shirt on and stop grinning madly at people to try and scare them, but then bol had to go and tell him that all his XP belong to us, and things kinda went downhill from there.

I was under the table tying everyone's shoelaces together for the previous couple of hours, so I'm not sure what K9 did to deserve the multiple cigarette burns he now has on his face and neck, but apparently they were playing some ancient Irish drinking game which involved hurting nasty people they hate, ie Englishmen. And they don't even smoke.

We made a swift exit through the closed window before they could call the cops on us, but I don't think the bouncers noticed. After a stop to fish ReiToei out of the Liffey we all shepherded each other to the nearest homeless shelter to get some grub and hopefully dry socks for me (I had to jump after the fat bastard and drag him back to shore by his ears, kicking and screaming "but the fish are so beautifooooool!").

That was when I stood on a table and made my empassioned speech in favour of frugality and self sufficiency and against global capitalism and lyrics on E2. K9 rejoined with a plea to end all daylogs, at which point there was a scuffle as it seems a few of the junkies had in the past written some and objected to the careless use of the term "Brood War".

We left ryano to sleep it off with his mates, and bol and ReiToei answered nature's call by going clubbing in hopes of getting some chicks (I think it's for their next preformance art project, they're going to BBQ them or something on stage). My self and K9 proceeded home solemnly and fell asleep in the bathroom; him in the tub, me in the bowl.

I'm had a call from the hospital asking if I knew bol and ReiToei early this morning, but as I can't tell anyone the real truth about them I refused to identify the bodies and went back to sleep.

A Fun Night Was Had By All.