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  • At the end of March this year, in accordance with the immutability of the Earth's orbit around the Sun, TheLady will be turning a year older. Don't ask me how old, I'm not telling. Most years I meet this event hidden under the duvet, bemoaning my lost youth, but this year I've decided to break with tradition and go be miserable where I'm guaranteed a surrounding crowd of like minded miserables: a goth club. Oh yeah, and invite the multitudes of Britnoders who doubtless want to help console me to come along.

    The Plan, such as it is, is cunningly simple: get all dressed up, go to the pub, drink till I'm dizzy, go dancing. You should come, it'll be fun.

    Are you crazy? I don't dance!

    Oh well, that's OK then. I'd still love to see you in the pub, where we will be stopping until chucking out time anyway. The choice of venue for the drinking portion of the evening is nice and spacious, does decent beer, serves food and is relatively goth-friendly. At least a couple of notable noders will be joining us for the earlier part of the evening only, so you won't feel left out.

    You are crazy - I'm no goth!

    Fear not - this is not a segregationist event. Non-goths of all stripes and colours are more than welcome, and I can guarantee that there will be at least a couple of people going clubbing with us that you couldn't pick out of a lineup of normals.

    The club we're going to does have some sort of loose dress code, but this is mostly limited to stuff a lot of other clubs/bars ban - trainers, sports gear, blue jeans. If you wear mostly black and no visible Burberry, you'll be fine.

    If, like me, you're not a goth but would like to have some fun dressing up for the night, let me know and I may be able to help with clothing and makeup (which I'll even help apply). It is in the nature of things that most of that will be girly clothing, but I do have some unisex stuff as well, and my black and blue wig for one has been tried on blokes before, and looks just smashing, especially when combined with facial hair. Maybe I should stop that train of thought here, before y'all think I'm trying to talk you into cross-dressing as well, though.

    OK, so you're not totally crazy, but I don't know where to show up to...

    Aha, details! Here they are:

    Date: Saturday, March 31st 2007

    Time: from about 7pm

    Place: The Camden Tup pub, followed by Slimelight in Islington.

    (Follow the links for descriptions and directions.)

    Fair enough, but I'm not going just with you!

    OK, well here are a few more reasons you'd want to put in an appearance:

    Will probably make it, short of natural catastrophies or sudden loss of income:

    May be there, but unconfirmed / dithering:

    Hating on me with the shunnings:

    • IWhoSawTheFace is boycotting London in favour of Dublin E2, apparently
    • wertperch has some lame ass excuse to do with being in California
    • Dimview has her own birthday to worry about
    • Heisenberg lives in New Zealand. I ask you.
    • Lots of other people whose names I'm not going to include because then the list of people who don't love me will be too long.

    Right, well I think I've told you everything you need to know. Now all that remains is for you to clear your calendar, brush off your most macabre gladrags and drop me a /msg to say you're coming.

    lpm says: I would suggest all black for slimelight and I can bring along some extra stuff to help those in need. Oh, I can help with goth boy stuff.

    The beauteous Pandora has also kindly offered to help people goth up, and even volunteered her house for the doing thereof!