Exfoliation is the current holy of holies of facial care. It's good for wrinkles, blemishes, acne, skin tone and what not. Only thing is, all those exfoliating creams and lotions are incredibly expensive.

Well, this recipe produces a result which is just as good if not better than store bought tubes and cans. Your skin will gleam with rejuvenated juiciness, trust me.

Separate one egg, throw away the yolk and put the white in a small bowl or cup. Add a couple of spoonfuls of lemon juice and start beating with a fork or a whisk, if you have one. When the mixture acquires a goodly layer of white foam, take a small piece of cotton wool an apply the foam only to your face in an even layer.

Allow to dry, whisk again and repeat the process. You can do this for as many layers as you feel are required - start with about three and experiment.

When the final layer is dry, wash off with repeated applications of tepid water - do not rub! Oh, and don't leave it on long after it's dried or your face will stay that way. Seriously.

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