It's not that mankind has somehow failed to control technology. Technology is an inbuilt mechanism by which we will be allowed to destroy ourselves the moment we are too much of a burden for the ecosystem to bear, and it's been there since the dawn of mankind.

Basically, the day the first proto-human picked up a sharp stone and used it to cut a piece of meat off a carcass, our ancestors took the first step on a road to the modification of the environment by ourselves, for our own good (for varying definitions of good, of course). This anomaly in the fabric of the ecosystem has been tolerated so long as we didn't unbalance things too much.

However, anything Really Bad(tm) that we are likely to do to the planet will turn on us and cause our own extinction, or at least a great reduction in our numbers, so the system, from its end, is safe.

Species come and species go - our tenuous relationship with our own brainchildren is nature's way of ensuring that we don't outstay our welcome.