Reasons why Israel probably didn't mastermind the attacks on the World Trade Centre, the Pentagon and the Camp David presidential retreat:

  • It wasn't in its political interest. Israel has come under an increased, rather than decreased, as is erroneously claimed, amount of pressure to stabilize the situation in the region in order to pacify the Arab members of the current incarnation of the international coalition. A very similar dynamic was in evidence around the time of the Gulf War, and eventually led to the Oslo peace talks taking off in the first place. Additionally, the current US administration, which was rather content, by all accounts, to leave the Israelis and Palestinians to sort themselves out, is all of a sudden very interested in the fates of both nations - not a situation which a militant isolationist like Sharon is going to like.

  • It wasn't in its national interest. Jews don't like to kill each other for show, whatever people tell you about us. Neither are we so stupid that we will undermine the American economy, on which prosperity much of the aid money to Israel depends, or global financial services, in which we are notoriously very much involved. What are we, crazy? (don't answer that!)

  • As for Israel's being the most militarisitc society on earth, well, I would rather beg to differ - surely Yemen, which boasts the nighest ration of arms per population in the world, has first claim to that dubious honour. Failing that, there are Sudan, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Afghanistan... Come to think of it, if we were to calculate some kind of statistic mean of personal arms and national military expenditure plus overall fire power and military involvement, I'm pretty sure the most militaristic society on earth would be the good old US of A itself.

  • Regarding the startling indiscretion of leaving a copy of the holy Quran and other incriminating evidence in a hire car outside the airport from which the attackers launched their deadly missions, I would care to remind the gentle reader of the only Darwin Awards winning entry from Israel, that of two terrorist groups in cars full of explosives who detonated themselves en route to their destinations because they had forgotten to synchronise the timers on he bombs with daylight savings time. Even freedom fighters can be complete morons.

I don't support the attack on Afghanistan. I think it is a humanitarian and international atrocity. None of the outrage felt by muslims worldwide and shared by me, however, is enough to justify such rampant conspiracy theories or cast any substantial shadow of supposed involvement on the state of Israel.