Just a couple of small addendums to Beltane's excellent breakdown of concert etiquette:

  • If the aforementioned cough drops come in crinkly plastic wrappers, throw those away before you go into the concert hall or else stash them in a pocket/handbag immediately after unwrapping one. Don't unwrap them during a performance, and don't, for Pete's sweet sake, sit there playing with them through the evening. For some reason nothing carries in a concert hall quite as well as the maddening rasping of a cough drop wrapper - a good reason why all old ladies everywhere should be banned from concerts.

  • Go the the toilet before the preformance begins and in the intermission. You might not want to now, but remember - you can't go in the middle of a performance, and having someone down the row constantly squirming and shifting position is very uncomfortable for other people. Especially if you're larger than they are.