Most people I know who have car alarms don't have them to deter theft.

I have seen young women in the giant parking lot at my workplace coming out at night to a dead battery because their alarm was going off all afternoon (there is no way to hear the alarm from their location and security ignores them). I've seen the same angry man running out to his sports car in the middle of the night yelling and swearing. When asked, they say they aren't that concerned about theft. They have the alarm in the car because it provides them with an insurance discount and the insurance company often tells them they must have the alarm turned on or they will be liable and could forfeit coverage.

Does the insurance company believe that the use of a car alarm deters theft? Not really. They are lobbied by the manufacturers of the alarms to offer a coverage discount so that the alarm manufacturers can sell their product. Deals are made. Handshakes are enjoyed. Leasing companies and banks get in on the action, often requiring that an alarm be installed and kept active to "insure the safety and security" of what is essentially their property. A farce is propagated.

In many cases it is the consumer who is under attack. How to solve the problem? First, work to get rid of the so called "shake" alarms that go off whenever a strong wind comes into contact with the vehicle. These are the primary offenders, waking people in the night and going off all afternoon when the owner is away. Then work to promote the use of silent alarms and tracking devices that provide greater security rather than inconvenience and annoyance. Someone is going to want to continue getting those kickbacks. You'll never change that about the American Way of Life without having a much needed and extremely bloody revolution first. Millions will die and the death toll will surpass that of the American Civil War within the first two months of conflict, most of which will be centered in "America's Dairyland," but will infect small towns and big cities on a widespread level.

Noise pollution and general apathy is the problem here. Silence these alarms through a change in the system. Educate the people and fight the system. Or, as you can see, lives will be lost and property will be destroyed on a level not seen since the events depicted in Revelations happened in 1973.

Of course, the breed of sub-human life that pulls up in front of someone's home and honks the horn...
That is a completely different story.
A death sentence is not going too far for these imbeciles.
Get your lazy ass out from behind the wheel and go ring the bell.