The short answer, and most truthful, is of course "yes."

Let us now travel through time to a junction box on the left side of nowhere. Here stands James Anderson Murray, just outside an old style telephone booth waiting for a phone call. When it comes, he will know where to drop off the package that has been in his trunk all day. He is beginning to sweat a little bit, and the pressure is getting to him. Will he be able to make the drop, or will the authorities catch up with him before he can complete the transaction?

Man has to decide to be a man.
Or be a woodchuck.

You see, everyone has their own way, and some people will preach ideas like gospel. James Anderson Murray is a symptom. He is certainly not the cause. He is just trying to get a break in a world that has dealt him a number of bad hands. This is the one that will put him over the top. This is the one that will make or break him.

See the cheese.
Be the cheese.

Self-perception is the key to being attractive, since self-confidence is the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to others finding you attractive. You don't have to reach the point where you can't stop kissing your own body, but you need to find yourself attractive. The right cologne or perfume can go a long way in modifying your self-perception.

Justify my love
Modify your love
Stop thinking now
Start being "Wow!"

James Anderson Murray gets his telephone call. There is a change in plans. The drop will have to be made as a briefcase exchange on the floor of the Eastern States Plastics Exposition at the Civic Arena. Trying to keep a low profile, James Anderson Murray finds himself in old jeans and a flannel shirt standing out on a dusty road. He gets back in his Chevy Impala and starts to head downtown to the Civic Arena. He is not prepared. Sweat is pouring off his forehead and he isn't comfortable with the scent now eminating from his armpits. James Anderson Murray is worried. He is real worried. This is going to be the way the big deal goes down and he is not prepared.

A truly good hotel can come through for you.
Choose your lodgings wisely.

Fumbling through his wallet, dropping business cards to the left, ID badges and driver's license to the right, James Anderson Murray finds what he is looking for. Wiping the sweat from his brow, he produces a credit card. It is the only one he has with an open line of credit. This is just the emergency he was saving that five thousand dollar limit for. This is how he can spin the wicker lady of luck and produce a victory that he will long remember.

"We will send someone up to your room, Mr. Murray.
May we also suggest a cologne?
The lovely Esmeralda can bring up a selection, if you like."

Of course, thinks James Anderson Murray. This was something he never considered. With all the "smell your own way" propaganda floating around out there he might have missed his only opportunity to make a good impression. Thankfully, he chose the right hotel and spent wisely. In this world, my friends, you get what you pay for.

They think you are a big wheel
And soon you will be
The boys at home think small
They have Old Spice minds
And they'll never get anywhere.

James Anderson Murray takes a nice shower and just as he finishes drying his hair, the lovely Esmeralda shows up at the door. She has a nice little cart loaded with shirts, shoes, suits, talcum powder and a selection of colognes. She is a professional and has been at this for a number of years. She knows how to make a man attractive, whether it be for a night out on the town with a lady, a business meeting or a convention. James Anderson Murray tells her he has to look right for a key business meeting. He also tells her he is nervous.

Silence can be too loud.
Or just loud enough to wake you up.

She pulls off his silk boxers, telling him they will provide too much of a distraction in his business meeting. "All that slipping and sliding around in there won't help you relax," she says with a knowing grin. She strips him completely naked and takes care of things so he won't start sporting unwelcome wood. Then she slips him into a pair of cotton boxers, black dress socks and a sleeveless undershirt.

Tick tock.
Tick tock.
Seven O'Clock.

Once James Anderson Murray is completely relaxed, Esmeralda sits him down in a comfortable chair and brings out the cologne selection. She lets James Anderson Murray take a sniff of each bottle and together they narrow the selection down to three colognes. A little dab on the wrist of each, alternating arms, and Esmeralda tells him the third bottle is the best match for his chemical and physical type. She applies it to his neck, chest and arms and they set to finding the right shirt, tie and suit. Forty-five minutes later, James Anderson Murray is dressed to kill.

The convention is filled with people. Everything from washed up salesmen in cheap suits to lost sheep in sweatshirts and sweatpants populates the room. James Anderson Murray stands above the buzz, and the scent of him draws people in closer. The women smile and the men raise an eyebrow wondering who this dangerous man might be.

"I could eat you right up.
Sexy man.
You smell like success."

The briefcase is in his left hand, which is a good thing because the men James Anderson Murray made the deal with are ready to make the exchange. There is no perspiration and the nerves are calm. James Anderson Murray stops by the Quint Polymers booth and places the case down on the floor. The men place another briefcase next to it, they nod at James Anderson Murray and pick up the one he brought. James Anderson Murray picks up theirs, winks at them, and walks in the opposite direction.


On the way out of the convention, James Anderson Murray spots two attractive young women representing a formed plastics firm. They tell him they will be free for dinner and "some fun" later on, so he gives them his hotel room number. No need to flee the scene and head to Mexico before having a night of pleasure. When you are dressed to kill and smell just right, there is no reason to retreat. James Anderson Murray also invites the bell boy to join them. He had almost forgotten about his sexual preference with all the wonderful things going on in his life. He is on top of the world.

"Yeah, just like that.
Just like that.
You found the magic button."

Well, James Anderson Murray never woke up the next morning. A bullet in the back of the head will do that to you sometimes. Regardless, when the coroner arrived he could not avoid mentioning to his friends the attractive qualities of James Anderson Murray. Seeing as James Anderson Murray was no longer wearing his fine Italian suit, the coroner only had the cologne to go by. This was a fine smelling young man who had died in his prime. His only crime was not discovering the wonders of cologne and perfume years before he did. His death can be directly attributed to the anti-cologne and perfume lobby and their propaganda.

Word to your mother.