Heartbeats dancing across broken glass. The room is no longer. The other people are no longer. Past and future do not exist. The moment consumes everything. There is nothing but the passion, the spark that became a fire that could not be ignored. It had to be met.

Screaming eyes
The point of lust
Consumption is everything
Passion becomes a mirror
We are well met
The reflection melts
As two become one
All that matters is this instant

This is the stuff myths are made of.

It is an instant in time that becomes an eternity within itself. The moment defies time and alters your journey forever. Souls entwined that cannot look away, there is nothing else you can do.

The Embrace

There is always something familiar in the moment. We know it before it happens. We remember this moment. We know this moment. We can kiss a thousand people and never know the moment, but on the horizon it is always waiting, often where we cannot see it because we don't know how to look for it. Then the eyes meet, the dance begins, this feels familiar, this feels very strange. You may shudder. You may blush. You know something is happening within you. Then it explodes. Contact. A hand on a knee as you face each other. Hands entwining fingers with hands. Someone brushes the hair away from someone's face. The moment is beginning to consume you. Your heart races. You can feel the moment before it happens. You can already taste the lips. You can already feel the warmth. Your breathing becomes more rapid. The contact becomes closer. More frequent. More intense. You can feel each other inside of yourselves as if you know for just this moment you will become one. It begins to consume you and now you have little choice but to answer the call or run away quickly. The point of no return is upon you.

I can't take it any longer
I smile
You smile

I can smell your skin, your breath, your life
I can feel your heart beating
It is matching mine
They have entered into a strange, matching rhythm


We'll try to recreate this moment later. It is not likely to happen. The Kiss only happens under specific circumstances, and never when you are trying to make it happen. Sometimes, a kiss is just a kiss.

From our Science Bureau:

"The Kiss is frequently misunderstood, as it is merely the product of overactive hormonal impulses. Often The Kiss will be the first intimacy between two people, thus the newness of it, combined with a strong mutual attraction will produce and explosive mixing of acid and base to cause and explosion, in an emotional sense. There is nothing much to it. Just sexual tension being released, often in combination with drugs or liquor."

Although it most often happens with first contact, this is not unusual. When two souls, matched on some level, come into contact and their orbit of each other creates a kind of gravity that draws the souls together. The Kiss never happens with a purely physical attraction. There is something more to it. It is always in the eyes. Two souls seeking each other across eternity have finally found each other again. Somebody get me the fire department.

Across time, The Kiss can be reproduced. Sometimes souls lose each other within the frame of one lifetime as well as across eternity. The Kiss can seize the reunion. The memory of the moment lost in eternity can be remembered. The Kiss can be real again.

It will not matter where you are. It does not matter what kind of music is playing, what you are wearing or what you had for breakfast that morning. There are certain souls that have been in a cosmic dance for so long and have spent so much time seeking a soul that reflects their own that they forget why they are doing it. The Kiss answers part of the question. It is a moment that stops time and lives forever. It is the answer to a question we do not comprehend.