Certainly a week unlike any other. And I don't write daylogs.

Beyond the abyss of September 11th, I begin to regain faith in the human spirit. People pulling together. More volunteers than can be put to work at the World Trade Center. More blood donors than anyone knows what to do with. 17.5 million in donations given by AOL users (almost makes me proud to be using them again).

Then everything begins to unravel. All I hear are lies. The Taliban brushes off accusations directed at Osama bin Laden because he doesn't have the communications network to pull something like this off. Then supposedly no one knows where he is. He evacuated his headquarters. Next thing I know, the Taliban reports they have confiscated his cell phone, satellite phone, fax machine, internet connection and probably his blender too. Hmmm, doesn't sound like this gentleman had any sort of ability to build a worldwide communication network.

Well, that isn't what really cheeses my steak tonight. It is the re-emergence of the ugly American after these days of solidarity and caring. Hate crimes, directed at Islamic Americans... people who are innocent Americans just like the rest of us. Okay, everyone has their collection of idiots who just don't get it. That cheeses my steak... but not as much as what else I learned today.

Profiteers. Modern day carpetbaggers. Worse. People and groups posing as charitable organizations raising money for the relief efforts. There have been numerous reports and I'm getting more. Part of the business I'm in, but that isn't important right now. People profiting off the pain and misery of others and from the generosity and caring of so many Americans. Scamming money and credit card information for their own purposes in the name of charity and giving... in the shadow of events that... well, there are no terms harsh enough in the English language to call them.

These people, my friends, are Americans. These people should not get away with it. They are in the same class of humanity as those who killed thousands on September 11th. I know you are out there... I'll be coming for you.