I'm starting to wonder if daylogs should be retitled "Acid trip politics plus some personal reflections mixed with surreal moments from the lives of genuinely weird people."

Nah, too long.

Hollow log

I also feel like maybe the United States political system should just be put on auto-pilot these days. Career politicians are indeed scary entities. Spin doctors rejoice. Everyone is finally subscribing to your newsletters.

Get down with the clown.
Grab that wallet and ride downtown.
What's that?
Ladies in the empire rejoice.
Your man is up with that freedom of choice.
Do it.

Watch people cheering on war and glorifying revenge. The mainstream core of America starts thinking. "Why aren't all these people just like us? We're awesome. Lets make them all just like us!"

We have no control over the government.
They are acting on our behalf.
Do a flyby on my house motherfucker.
Get down on the floor like you just don't care.

When the people making the most noise are those cheering there isn't much you can expect to change. Be more aggressive. Rail against the world. We are right and you are wrong. We will act alone. We don't need anyone else. The only people standing up for the opposition are lunatics and morons with a convoluted message that makes the rest of us look stupid by association. Everyone else is lulled into a coma in front of television sets, computers and superfine video game consoles. We have endless varieties of beer and personal improvement drugs. Got a problem with the way things are? Your physician can prescribe a pill to make you feel a whole lot better about it.

You are fooling yourself
Mr Flag Waving United We Stand Super Patriot.
Bend those knees and get used to it.
Gotta kick someone's ass to prove you're right.
Teach your children well.
Do as I say.
Not as I do.
Be funky.

Voting is a panacea allowing us to ignore our general malaise. Go to the voting booth. Come out feeling you did your good deed for the day. Help an old lady cross the street instead. You'll be doing a whole lot more good in the world. When was the last time you saw an actual leader running for office? When was the last time you saw someone whose political platform wasn't custom designed by campaign analysts and scrutinized statistics? When was the last time you saw someone running for office on what they truly believed in rather than under the burden of doing right by the people who financed his or her campaign? Vote the party line like you're cheering your team on in the World Series. Vote like you're drunk and someone broke your shot glass. You might as well urinate in the voting booth. He who campaigns the smartest and has enough financial backing wins the race. Marketing. Advertising. Spin the bottle. Spin the mind. It's all good. It doesn't matter what flavor Pop-Tart you put in the toaster, you are still going to have that brain tumor.

Are the people ever going to rise again?
Or are we satisfied because the malls are stocked with really cool shit?
And funky.

Something you don't like about America's love of manifest destiny? We ran out of new territory. Now we're telling every country in the world they need what we're selling. Bow before the merciful hand of demoncracy. Pay attention some time to what they are saying. How could anyone want anything different? We turn people away for help unless they buy into the program. Look at us, we are so perfect. When we get attacked people worldwide better observe a moment of silence. If the death toll is higher where you are we'll try to give you a paragraph on the back page of our newspapers. Our headlines are busy with what we should replace our fallen twin towers with.

Write another blank check to your government.
Get funky.
Hold on.
If they raise taxes you'll get pissed off.
Almost forgot about that
Don't like taxes.
I need security and military action.
Kick some ass.

In an empire on the decline the people clutch at a few straws on the way down. People vote on single issues they've decided they care about. They vote according to the issues that mean the most to them. There is no big picture. Promise to lower taxes? Cool. Here's my vote, Satan. Thanks for helping me and my family out. We're drowning in credit card debt because we live paycheck to paycheck and my wife's mother lives with us. We can't afford to put her in a nursing home. They cut off her medicaid the other day because they said $100 a month is more than enough to live on. Please lower taxes and send grandma a bigger check?

"My country right or wrong."
Home of the free and land of the brave.
Don't like it? Move to Russia, asswipe.
They ain't as funky.
We'd never elect a guy with a spot on his head.
We're too cool for that.
Cuz we're funky.

Pull yourself together, man. You worked hard in that factory for twenty years. It was enough for you to know you had enough left over for a few beers down at the pub. That is the whole point anyway. There are those who are getting rich by tricking the rest of us, but they are bringing them to trial these days, ain't they? Remember that only the stupid get caught. Remember that only the foolish get exposed. We're looping. Air on a tape loop. History lives to repeat itself.

Pay no attention to those men behind the curtain.
They aren't doing anything that concerns you.
Everything is a-okay in Disneyland, USA.
We'll be building a 9/11 theme park pretty soon now.
The profit margin looks funky!
Gotta dance now.
Ride 'em cowboy.
Stay funky.

I need to go back to noding good looking actresses
and moments from history
but a part of me hopes we are about to make new history any day now.
Please. I am so tired.