Logan Pinto. Welcome to the club.

I'm not quite sure if this little 22 month old feller from up in Boise, Idaho was the victim of incompetent medical attention or if he is the modern day record holder for elapsed time for a death experience. Hard to tell from the reports, but the experience can be overwhelming for someone of his age.

Wandering away from a babysitter and falling into a canal, where he was underwater for nearly thirty minutes, he was pronounced dead upon his arrival at the hospital. An hour after he was pronounced dead, they were preparing to send him to the morgue when he started breathing again.

A gift and a life changing experience, it can be overwhelming for a child. There is usually no coherent memory of the experience, although there is usually a sense that "something happened to me." Not even two years old, I'm not sure how you will process this.

Two former girlfriends of mine received the experience when they were young. The first died during an operation when she was six years old. It was an operation to remove a cancer infected kidney, and she died during the operation. The memory stayed with her mostly in the form of the rather severe, deep scar she had from her abdomen to her sternum. They had not bothered to attempt to be cosmetic when they sewed her up because she was dead. Minutes after they closed her and prepared to inform her parents, her heart started beating again and she started breathing. She grew up being especially dedicated to the study of science, eventually focusing on psychology, scoring almost perfect marks while she partied constantly and freely gave of herself physically and sexually. I knew her before my own experience, and much of it didn't make much sense to me. She always went full force into life and never stopped.

The second, Christina, was pronounced dead at the age of five and started breathing again twenty minutes later. She was unable to remember anything of the experience, and yet dealt with life in a different way than most children. She was often left isolated and sad as a child. The results of chemotherapy, especially the loss of her hair, having to wear a wig to school, and a weight gain she felt she couldn't control, took its toll. At the same time she was able to make it through on her inner strength and the power of an inner voice that reminded her that she was special. She would also devote herself to education, did very well almost effortlessly, while she partied constantly and, once she devoted herself to becoming who she wanted to be in a physical sense, gave freely of herself physically as well. The parallels between them were numerous. They were both focused, forgiving, cared deeply about people and yet knew their limits when it came to giving of themselves.

It would be interesting to be able to watch the progress of Logan Pinto, but we'll likely never hear from him again. His story was a quick "public interest" piece that hit the national news briefly as a "feel good" story, but the Boise papers and news channels seem to be updating on his progress. He's still in critical condition in intensive care, but I have a feeling he's going to be okay. Godspeed, little dead guy. I'm praying for you, and I guarantee the rest of our tribe is pulling for you as well.