It grows ever closer.

The zealots have paved the path. The prepare to bring it to the point of no return. The elections might not even matter any longer. Chaos climbs anxiously over the horizon.

Legislation has been introduced into the United States Congress in the form of S89 and HR163. This legislation will bring back the military draft. This time there is no escape. It does not allow for exemptions based on higher education and the likes. It will even include women. There will be no running away, as elements of the Patriot Act make it possible to track you and agreements have already been signed with Canada.

Drink up now. Smoke 'em if you got 'em. Even Hillary is calling for a larger military.

Watching the local news last week, here in Florida, there was a thirty second clip of Camilo Mejia, a Florida National Guardsman who deserted in protest of the war. This was followed by a subtle shaking of the head by the news anchor. The story was followed by a four minute long story on a recent high school graduate who signed up for the United States Army because of the great benefits and the opportunity to "fight for freedom." Media bias is a myth.

Won't get fooled again? You're about to get fooled again.

If you don't know how brilliant Osama bin Laden really is, then you have no idea what his agenda really is. As a zealot seeking to inspire total war rather than participate in total war, he met his objectives. He waited until a zealot was in the highest office in the world's last remaining superpower before masterminding 9/11. And now he will act again to make certain that a zealot remains in office. Somewhere he is cackling as he has manipulated George W. Bush, and in turn the United States of America, into the "war footing" his hero George often speaks of. Chaos is his objective, not victory. And don't think George and his associates did not welcome the invitation. We're too conditioned to think in terms of wins and losses. We forget there are other reasons for action. Too many action movies with simple plots and predictable conclusions.

The last time the zealots attempted convergence, their own version of it, there were those who stood up. There were those who shouted the word. Those people have since either taken to their own form of zealotry, or became apathetic, burned out or were marginalized. You know who you are. I love you.

They are counting on this generation not rising. Yet the King of the Zealots himself has already figured out how to marginalize any resistance.

"Isn't it nice that they are able to protest freely in this wonderful nation of ours." -- The King of the Zealots

The call to rise again is before you. It will be much more difficult this time. Soon you will have to choose. The decision is yours.

Peace be upon you.

Yes, I am fully aware that this legislation has been in committees for a year and a half. Yes, I do know it was authored by Democrats in an effort to show potential costs of a war. The point is that it is about to become more that just that. Many thanks to sekicho for requesting the clarification.