My personal holiday season begins today
A two day festival of personal assessment
Drinking, eating and the celebration of life

Most holidays are born of traditions dating back before we were born, celebrating things we are often not fully aware of or even interested in. Some people who are very religious take certain holidays in one way while others consider them no more than a free day off from work and a chance to have a party. Whatever works for you. Celebrate life.

I celebrate my own holiday, June 6th and 7th, in my own way. It tends to change from year to year. I never work on June 7th. Working on June 6th is acceptable. The night of June 6th generally envolves some kind of personal debauchery along with certain lamentations and my own type of prayers. The night of June 6th is the Celebration of Death. The day of June 7th is the Celebration of Life.

It was nine years ago, on June 6th, 1994, that I decided to take my own life. It was nine years ago on June 7th, 1994, that I woke up in my bed, alone and paralyzed for six hours before I taught myself to walk again. It was nine years ago on June 7th, 1994 that I began to understand and see life in a new light. It was then that my journey began.

It is also part of the tradition that on the night of June 6th, every year, I perform numerous silent, and not so silent, prayers and well wishes for all those who are suicidal, depressed or deeply unhappy with their lives. I wish for them to find new reasons to live and new reasons to celebrate life. I channel all the power that I have and bring myself to the edge in the hope that somehow maybe even just one person who is down and out and giving up will wake up tomorrow and find reasons to go on.

And I hope they won't have to travel the same road I did
In order to realize
That they have so many reasons to live

For those who have departed this place
May they find new roads to travel
And may they always be remembered

Best wishes to you and yours
In this holiday season