I woke up this morning and felt a strange sensation. I needed to know that what I was feeling and thinking actually meant something. I called out to the air, demanding that it show me that I did indeed have some kind of connection. I was unwilling to travel further without some kind of sign that what I was seeing was real.

So, there we were. My friend Mark and I were looking at our regional manager and making fun of his hard hat, a normal hard hat painted with the colors and logo of his college team, Texas A & M. Then Mark began to talk about how he wouldn't mind having a hard hat with the colors and logo of his favorite sports team, the Green Bay Packers. We talked about it for some time, and in the end, he decided that he could not imagine someone actually wearing such a hard hat.

We had been talking for some time about the video game on his home game console, a basketball game for which we had created a number of players based on people we knew. The conversation turned to me asking if he would consider adding players from the Boston Celtics of the 1980s, as this was one of my favorite teams and I wanted to see them play again in the modern era. He agreed, we would add them to the current squad. We went to lunch.

Outside of the employee cafeteria, we had a smoke, and watched as a truck pulled up in front. A man wearing a hard hat emblazoned with the colors and logo of the Green Bay Packers stepped out and went over to work on the job site across the street.

We went inside to get our lunch, and walked past the constantly active television sets in the cafeteria. The television was tuned to CNN and they were talking about the Celtics of the 1980s.

I am beginning to lose contact with everything. There is too much that overwhelms me with messages. I can only wonder. Is it all just mad coincidence or are these signs worth listening to?