In short, this is the problem that plagues me daily.

Responsibility is usually what gets in the way of having fun. At least that is what most people complain to me about. Destiny is a far more dangerous force than recreation. Having fun fits into my daily routine of responsibility quite easily whereas destiny takes me in different directions. I abscond with the church funds.

Life moves

People are shapes the soul takes on to represent themselves more clearly in the waking world. They are static and change manifests itself in the small steps of growth and experience. What we were yesterday we cannot be today. We cannot go back and retrace our steps except through the power of imagination. The mistakes have been made and the opportunities lost. Only the education of the life lessons remain. That is important and yet a lesson in itself.

Circling but moving forward. The trucks are backed up to the door and they demand to be unloaded and loaded. We are not sure what to take and what to give.

Give everything that you can.
Take only what you absolutely need.
Move forward.

The girl on the corner has a message for you. It might not be a message you easily understand but it is a message nonetheless. You don't know what it means right now but at some point in the future it will answer a question you have yet to formulate. This is true. Remember these things.

Here is the crossroads.
You can quit.
You can move to the left.
You can move to the right.
You can go straight ahead.
The decision is up to you.
No one else makes it for you.
It is your choice to let their influence overcome you.

Put on some music and close your eyes. Bring them all back again from the world of memories. There is something in the patterns. There is something in the words. There is something in everything. Nothing is lost. Everything is gained. When you forget everything you lose momentum. Don't live in the smoke and mirrors of what once was. Use it to your advantage. Become who you really are.

The liabilities of responsibility are measured and questioned daily. How much is true responsibility and how much do we create for ourselves to build our burdens. We are our own worst enemies. We create diversions to keep ourselves from moving forward. Some call them excuses. We call them responsibilities. All responsibility is this way. That which we owe from our promises to others and those things we absolutely must do are responsibilities. The rest is toast that isn't quite done.

What are your responsibilities?

Answer the questions you ask yourself. Do no defer them for a later moment. You don't have to worry about what other people think of your questions or your answers. You only have to ask them of yourself and only you need to know the answer. The rest will come in time. As is necessary and only as is necessary.

Life moves

Destiny has no definition. Responsibility has many. Measure everything out in carefully consumed doses. You can only do so much. You have your limitations. Stretch them but do not break them. Scale the walls of your own prison and come alive. There is only so much in a melancholy maybe. Find what has been lost. It is within yourself. No one can take it from you and no one can restore it. The power is with the within. You know it. I know it. We know it. We are one. You are me. I am you. They are who we are and yet we are so far away.

Come together.
One last time.
Let go.
Come together.
One more time.
Start again.
Live forever.

This contains no pipelinks.
Only I know why.