A million years of time could pass us by as we sleep because we only perceive the morning we expect will come. We aren't paying attention to the details that do not immediately concern us.

Many thanks are due to the good people of E2. The translation of "community" finds further definition each time we look at it from another angle. Some time ago I reached out to some of the fine writers and thinkers here for input on my evolving and constantly changing novel. There were those who responded and who pointed out that which I could not see without their assistance. To them I owe a continuing debt of gratitude. There are those who have provided and continue to provide critical analysis. There are those who shout out to me that they love what I am putting on these blank sheets of paper. What I constantly remind them of, just in order to remind myself, is that it is very difficult to see outward when you are taking an inward journey over the past 18 years of your life.

Spurred on by some of the comments and criticism that were lobbed in my general direction, I have sought out those who have experienced death and near-death experiences and well as those who have been close to a suicide or have attempted suicide themselves. The openness of the people who responded to that call has overwhelmed me. These are things that are not easy to speak of and so many of you spoke so eloquently of your experiences. Especially those of you who spoke of denial. I lived for many months in complete denial of my own death, fearing that people would think me quite insane and laugh at me. I lived for over two years in partial denial, sharing details only with certain trusted persons. It was not until three years later, when I moved to Orlando, that I became open about my experiences. Change is important and change nurtures us on the road ahead. Many of you are going through important life changes, even as I type these words, and I wish you fair skies and pleasant sailing on your journey to your next destination on the big canvas we call the world.

All I can say is that with the help of many people, most of them from E2, I have completed the rough first draft of the first part of the story... the years leading up to my suicide in 1994... ten years of time compressed into nine chapters, but crafted with your help to sound less compressed and more woven from the fabric of one life as it touched upon the lives of others. Thank you again. May your beauty never atrophy.

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