"Hi there, I'm Death."

Sometimes it is just the nature of the business. You start with this list. It is a long list. You are not always on your own. There are those who lend a hand on especially busy days. When there is a plague or a war they send you an army of specialists. It isn't that the workload is difficult. The problem that comes up all too often is that there are far too many pretty girls. Every time one comes up on my list it does something to me.

"They seem to be the only ones who get spooked."

The company tells me the reason the pretty girls get spooked is because they force me to expose myself. My soul uncorks and emotion flows forth. I come upon them in the street and I just seize up. It lets them see me. I always see them at their best even when circumstances have left them at their worst. It is a design flaw in the system. When people pass on they regain their finest moments. I get the first glow of summer even before I close the eyes of winter.

"So beautiful. So fragile."

So I have a weakness. I'm not supposed to. All I am supposed to do is my job. We all know that is usually easier said than done. I could sit quietly and wait for the shift to end, but it never does. There is always another call on that damned phone. Another one bites the dust. Most of the time it is no big deal, but then they throw another one into the windmill of time. There she is, with that splendid aura around her, full of promise and waiting for her next calling. I can't help but look into her eyes and sigh. I'll only know her for a moment, but that moment is eternity for me. Her face and her form stay with me forever, just like every one that came before and every one that follows.