The Shogi Metanode

Please be patient. Many of these variants have extremely complex rules, and some of the larger variants would require multiple nodes to contain just the different pieces. I will attempt to write them all up, but it will take time.

Shogi and its variants

Shogi is actually a modern form of an early version of Chess developed in mainland Asia and brought to Japan, where it flourished and multiplied into dozens of unique forms. The earliest form of actual Shogi is likely Heian Shogi. From there it developed into the large-board variants (11x11 and upwards) and modern-day Shogi. Most of the smaller-board variants (8x9 and smaller) are relatively recent.

The names of each variant appear hardlinked, with the size of the board appearing in parentheses. If the variant allows piece dropping (placing a captured piece or out-of-play piece into play on your side at the expense of your turn), it will be noted in parentheses as well.

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