A cross between Dub/Drum'n'Bass and Trip-Hop from the Thievery Corporation side of the spectrum, Thunderball is a downtempo band composed of two full-time DJ's, plus several part-time musicians. The two masterminds behind the operation are Steve Raskin and Sid Barcelona, both situated in Washington D.C., which other than Bristol, England, is considered the Trip-Hop/downtempo capital of the world.

Thunderball is currently signed to ESL (Eighteenth Street Lounge), a record label owned by Thievery Corporation, and also the name of the restaurant/bar that Thievery Corporation owns. ESL is known for its downtempo, with tastes spanning from Alternative/Electronic to Drum'n'Bass/Film music. Some other popular bands on the label include Ursula 1000 and Farid.

Some of the musicians that Thunderball has collaberated with include Miss Johnna M., Mustafa, and Akil (vocals), Rob Myers (guitars/sitars), Kevin Cordt (trumpets), Steven Albert and Nick Pellicciotto (percussion/drums), and DJ Niv (turntables).

Anyway, Thunderball currently has two full-length albums released, with a third coming early next year, name currently unknown. Thunderball has also released several singles, remixed several artists (mostly Dub), and appeared on many ESL compilations.



  • Hijack
  • Selector
  • This Girl
  • Pop the Trunk
  • Solar
  • Vai Vai
  • Heart of the Hustler
  • The Cobra Connection
  • Dubbed Out in D.C.
  • Covert Operations
  • Complements of ESL Music
  • Departures
  • Modular Systems