Dark Dungeons is also in the process of being made into a feature film.

Amazingly, Jack Chick has given his blessing for his tract to be made into a film, and the initial trailer looks amazing. Zombie Orpheus films will be releasing the movie direct to DVD or via download on August 14, 2014.

As with most adaptations, it's appears to be not 100% faithful to the source material. Debbie and Marcie arrive in college, where a frat-party atmosphere surrounds the RPG, complete with Central Casting frat-jocks leading chants of "RPG! RPG!" as dice, figurines and candles are set upon tables while beers are consumed. There are characters not seen in the tract, complete with a troubled professor and a do-gooder college senior who warns the pair against the game. There is nothing in this expansion of the story that deviates in spirit from the source tract - it merely changes the venue slightly and allows for greater expansion of the dark progress of the gamers. It appears to be true in spirit, which counts.

There seems to be an amplification of the theme of redemption, including a dramatic conversion in a church for the surviving character, the dead "thief" appearing in spectral form, and a blurring of reality and fantasy as what appears to be game-induced effects spilling over into the real world, including people being chased in realistic dungeon settings and someone warning about the subconscious killing people. There is also a dramatic slow-mo shot of dice being poured out along with blood, the head witch "casting spells" including Elvish runes, and a mention of Cthulhu and the Necronomicon.

From the website of the producers: "Rallsfilm obtained the rights to make a Dark Dungeons movie through a remarkable series of events, including but not limited to a winning lottery ticket, a generous offer from the worlds most popular comic book artist, and a team up with ZOE after they finally saw the need to make a movie about the evils of RPGing."

It appears to be played "straight", albeit more along the lines of teen-horror-film campiness rather than mockery of Jack Chick's source material. That Chick allowed this film to be made at all, never mind with his blessing, shows that he well understands that though people might giggle and laugh at the resulting film it will bring his tract back into the public view.

Needless to say, the production values appear to be quite high, and the special effects more than acceptable. The acting, done straight, is of high caliber and the actors involved are clearly taking the source material seriously. As a result, it will probably end up being a cult film, no pun intended.

The trailer is here