Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) is a disease that attacks at a disturbing rate. It may be scary to realize that while we know AIDS & Cancer all too well, a disease that 1 in 40 will carry and 1 in 6000 will suffer from is greatly ignored. There are currently 5 main types of SMA.

  • Type 1: Usuallly attacks the hardest; children are diagnosed before 6 months (most before 3 months) - the life span is usually extreamly limited, and life before death is harsh.

  • Type 2: Less severe, however life span is quit often limited. Diagnosis usually happens between 15 months and two years. Simple things (Like sitting up) are difficult and often require constant assistance.

  • Type 3: Diagonosed between 18 months and upto the age if 10. Non-fatal, and life span is not limited. There are several different effects difficulity in standing from sitting position, and gitting up after falling are common.

  • Type 4: Affects persons usually only after the age of 30. Most of the time it is not even diagonosed. Progression is slow, but many of the effects of three show forth in 4.

  • Type 5: Like 4 except due to a mutation it will also cause female chacteristics.