A simple day, that is until I heard about "Ranma 1/2". I was curiors, people had CD's burned with RealVideo playing episodes of this odd incarnation. I diddent follow it much, there was a disgruntled panda and some odd girl who I learned was actually a boy.

The only thing more odd then the show was the gallery of oddities watching it, for which I appeared to be a member.

I did some investigation, download the Ranma games (Super Famcom roms if you will, and poorly translated english ones where possible). The games, like the show were odd. There was even a fighting game, which wasnt two suprising, as the show was kinda martial arts-ish.

The Panda Frightens Me

I dislike Panda's, there; big, and indangered, and they eat hard things like Bamboo.

I fear Bamboo

Now back to the freeky kid from Ranma, (Who, in case I forgot to mention it was named Ranma Saotome). Is it just me or is the idea of being able to transform into the opposite sex via water an apeasing idea?

Oh well