Its 1:21 AM, At 1:16 AM my call-manager poped up. I've heard that only three types of calls can come at a late hour; Wrong Numbers, Sales-calls, and bad news.

The callers were "Eddie & Puppa" - My parrents. The voicemail length was 32 seconds. Short sweet and to the point. "Puppas going to Halifax in the morning, and wants to know if you wanted to come. Calls us back as soon as you can. Bye." * Click and dead air *

My parrents just dont goto Halifax. They basically removed themselfs from humanity, there nearest neightbours are miles away - they need to travel over an hour to get groceries.

I dont like the sound of it. In other news I'm 3 writeups from level 3, and I've had 4 nodes killed in the past few days (some of them sucked, I'll admit it, 2 were not that bad tho - one had a rep of 7) - The only one where I had prewarning or nottice was one on Diffs, which I could accept being deleted. The others I was in shock to find missing. The gods hate me.

* Sigh *: Looks like I miscounted, 5 nodes killed.