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This is a subsidiary NFN account belonging to Hexter.

The purpose of this account is to node brief taxonomic details, to make navigating that part of the nodegel somewhat easier. In some cases I may later make a wu that supercedes ones created by this account, but in others there is very little to say, and the writeups should probably stand forever.

jessicapierce says re Acrochordidae: I'm very glad you're adding these.

ascorbic says Shouldn't NFN accounts punch themselves to level 1 so they can't vote? Otherwise it kinda defeats the purpose. Great project though. Well done.
I think not, I want to use votes from this account on well grounded scientific content, especially within the area of taxonomy.

Oolong: Between The Taxonomist and BioTech, the last couple of days have seen a whole lot of scientific content added quietly to the database. Hooray!