Urceus Exit is an Electronica project 'officially' consisting of one man, Richard Duggan. Based out of Vancouver, Canada, Urceus Exit has been around since early 1997, and has (as of 2001) released five seperate albums: Sometimes is a Lonely Place, The Morning Comes together (1999), Soiled (1998), Welcome to my Bedlam (1995), and Bedlam of the Pious (1994).

Urceus Exit's sound is techno-industrial: I first saw them at the Catwalk, a club in downtown Seattle. Their stage presence is somewhat hectic: Duggan moves around on stage fiddling with laptops, electronic keyboards, and the settings for his various televisions and monitors, while his stage partner Joel Sellen manipulated the flow of images and light from a partially concealed position behind him. Static sometimes washed across the crowd, other time there was a swirl of black and white grainy footage, interspersed with sharp, flashing pulses of distinct, impression-setting images.

Comparable bands include Nine Inch Nails and/or Underworld.