Eurynome (Greek: wide wandering (or) wide ruling)

Having suffered a similar fate to Ophis, Eurynome's original place was as the creatrix of the universe in Greek mythology (specifically the Pelasgian creation myth) later to have her name used for a demon in the Dictionnaire Infernal.

She ruled on Olympus, prior to the birth of Zeus and his kin, with her son Ophion. Taking the shape of a dove, Eurynome laid an egg which contained the entire material world: Ophion (who had the form of an enormous serpent) then coiled around it seven times, breaking it open to birth the world.

Ophion was later cast out when he began to boast of creating the universe: Eurynome beat every tooth out of his head, then cast him down into Tartarus.

After this, Eurynome went on to create all seven planets, and assign a pair of Titans to rule over each: Theia and Hyperion for the Sun, Phoebe and Atlas for the Moon, Metis and Coeus for Mercury, Tethys and Oceanus for Venus, Dione and Crius for Mars, Themis and Eurymedon for Jupiter, and Rhea and Cronus for Saturn.

She had a cult centered at Phigaleia in Arcadia.

By the more classic Greek mythology, Eurynome is a sea goddess, the daughter of Nisos and the mother of the Graces. She is also the mother of Bellepheron (fathered by Poseidon).