Ultimate X-Men is written by Mark Millar and pencilled by Adam Kubert who is known for his art in the other X-Men lines. The Ultimate X-Men comics comes from the newly created Ultimate Marvel line which includes Ultimate Spiderman and Ultimate Marvel Team-Up. This new X-Men comic takes the storyline of how the X-Men would have formed in the 20th century, taking a more modern look at the team. It was also created mainly for the movie fans of the X-Men Movie so they can have a fresh start. The comic's very first page features a deadly Sentinel targeting young mutants and killing them. The team already consists of Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Ororo Monroe, Piotr Rasputin, and Dr. Hank McCoy. The team is much younger than the original and so they are still learning about their powers and team work. They are later joined by Logan who is secretly working for Eric Lensherr to assassinate Charles Xavier, and they are also joined by Bobby Drake who is still a teenager. The story so far is fresh and each page is filled with good information, and the comics are never short of action. Being a true X-Men comic too, it also has a serious mood. The art is also well done and just makes you want to see more of it.