In the Bible, I forgot exactly which book, should be one of the Gospels because those describe the life of Jesus. Anyway Jesus says that the temple would be destroyed and be rebuilt in 3 days. The people called this blasphemous because they thought that he was talking about the Temple of Jerusalem. Because it would basically be impossible to destroy the Temple of Jerusalem and rebuild it fully in three days. Unbeknownst to them, he was talking about himself. His body was the temple that would be crucified and he was resurrected within three days.

This is also a theory that says, our body is the temple, the temple is the heart of Jerusalem, it houses the heart and soul of the people. Therefore where ever you go, you carry the heart of the people with you.

After the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem, there was the Great Diaspora, which I think another Diaspora happened earlier in Babylon when the first oral or written tradition of the the Mishnah and the Gemara, which makes up the Talmud was put together. But anyway the Great Diaspora was when the Jewish people split apart, and instead of rebuilding the Temple of Jerusalem, or any other temples in homage to God. They built Synagogues where the people could gather and learn about traditions, the Talmud, and just be together. These synagogues represented also that God traveled with his people and was everywhere.

Earlier during King David, he wanted to build a temple for the living God, but a Prophet told him that God did not want him to because God traveled with his people and would not be imprisoned in a temple (Feel free to correct me here because I'm doing this right off memory). Later it was King David's son, Solomon, that built the first temple to the Living God which was the Temple of Jerusalem.