I've completely given up today. Completely. I just stopped on Wed because I knew it was a worthless case and I walked/ran around without a jacket on in the freezing cold because I felt retarded and hyper?

It's better for my health though. God only knows my strange health problems of pain coming out of nowhere to make me incapacitated. Yes, it was very good today, I didn't think at all. Well I tried not to think or talk about it. It was good. Instead I busied myself with other people's problems because that's what I seem to be good at. I should really get to work and do all my homework and projects that usually takes your mind off things. Not when they're all essays that have to be on a certain theme though and they all seem to curve towards what your thinking, or trying to repress.

I wrote a poem on the bus on my way home from school. I couldn't stop writing. Usually I get sick if I'm on the bus and I'm not focusing on the road. I didn't feel sick at all by the time I got home. But I finished my poem. I think it's the best that I've ever written so far. It's my only poem I think that I actually put genuine feelings into. I haven't felt this inspired to write anything in a long while.

Yes, all is good today.