I think I'm becoming into a very bad person. I haven't noded on E2 for an extremely long time, Damn school work and evil six courses of hell.

For the past week I've been intensely stalking a person and finding out where that person exactly lives and stuff, even rode in the elevator with the person. It's horrible, I've never stalked someone like this before. Mind you I wasn't alone when I was doing this. Someone else was with me and they were stopping me at all. I think I may be a little bit obsessed... Lalala. Yes I can't do any of my work because I'm constantly going crazy. I think I'm burning out already. I should really stop all this stalking but I did for like a whole month. Sigh I think I hate people, if I didn't have to go to school or go out at all I wouldn't see new people and then get obsessed with them over some trivial thing like... "Nice hair" or "Stylish clothes!"

Work was exciting today, a group of six people came in and ordered a dinner worth $137.98 and gave us a $4.50 tip. I felt hm... what's the term... Angry? And they were so fussy and we were serving them like every second and we asked them many times if everything was okay and they would say "yes" everything is perfect... so what was wrong?

Oh well it's like 2:37am now and I think I'm finished looking stuff up for projects for now and just finished reading Crime and Punishment so I can start Anna Karenina for Russian class before Nov 30 which is the end of the term. This is great! Lalala.

Dancing and twirling screaming Bloody Murder!