Nothing much happened today.

Nothing much ever happens. I did get up at 8:30am though after going to bed at 4:30am to drag my ass to the shower just so I could get ready for a brunch with relatives that were in town. Of course the brunch didn't start till 11:00am but we ended up staying at the restaurant till 4:30pm. There was about 60 of us, friends, relatives, people. I don't know. There was lots of food, Chinese food. Hmmm.. Didn't talk that much with my cousins because they were the little ones and the last time I saw them, the oldest one there was 5 and the youngest was just born. Now the oldest there is 13. I'm better friends with the older ones but they're all graduating from Univ this year that's why the parents were traveling around.

Hmm after that I got onto here, played with my dog. Went to sleep for awhile because I don't actually have to work today. I went over to my friend's house and we played SSX for a couple of hours, finally unlocking all tricks and tracks. Also played Crazy Taxi, I think that's the name of the game. But yes, it wasn't a very fun game, there isn't much to do in it except for driving people to their destination and making lots of money, it wasn't that hard to master. Sigh. And now I'm back here at 3am. I rule! Hehe. Actually I think I should stop playing all those video games because I'm starting to have dreams about them or dreams with themes based on those games. Hmm!