Before I went to work I went to the comic store top pick up my weekly subscription. Of course the only thing that was in today for me was Shidima. You know Image Comics and Dreamwave and their efficiency of getting out their comics fast! Haha. Anyway so I talk to the guy at the counter and he tells me hints and tricks for SSX which is exciting.

At work, there's about 3 couples in, the person I work with cuts her hand really deep and she starts bleeding everywhere, so I go to help her since there's no one else there, she ends up going to the hospital to get it stitched up. Right after she left this lady comes up to me and says "What does a person have to do here to get some service!" The other people in the restaurant look around and roll their eyes at the lady and I apologize. Yay fun.

I get home, play DDR for 3 hours straight and almost fall over with exhaustion as I fail every song because I have my puppy running around and jumping on the mat too so I can't actually play for real, eventually she stops and lays down to tear apart a plastic bottle. I tune into Leno, Letterman, Conan, and Kilborn, kick my sister off my computer since it's in my room. And then I steal a whole bunch of pop from the fridge and sneer at my useless 39 year old brother who still lives at home. Such a loser! My life is very exciting!