I hate this, it just seems like all I'm noding nowadays is daylogs. But I really can't think of anything to write.

Well as usual I was supposed to go to my class. But I opted out instead since I wasn't feeling that great, and decided to give a book back to my friend before she had to go back home -- another country -- the day was so hot. Well yes, this has relevance to my other daylogs. Me, my friend, and her boyfriend decided to go get ice cream or coffee since it was just way too hot to stay in her place. On our way out who do we see? It's Bike Girl! No, I'm seriously not planning this, it seems everytime I go to visit my friend we cross paths. I don't know what's going on. But it is making me crazy. Like, I should kill her or something now because it's just way too weird. But killing is bad. So I guess not.

On our way back to my friend's place we sat outside because it was hot, we talked for a while and again Bike girl appears from behind us. She's coming out of the dorm across from my friend's? This is way too weird. All coincidence, my friend pointed her out to me because she I was facing the other way, when I looked up I could only see her shorts which I recognized from earlier on when we passed her, that was like 2 hours before.

Sigh, I think I hate life again. Yes it's always again, or should it just be I hate it even more? Bike girl is literally making me go crazy. Oh well, after my friend moves out of that place I won't see her again so everything will be fine.

I watched Gosford Park today and I must say it is a good show, I'm going to go now because I have to watch Vampire Hunter D, and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.

Overall, I have to say that today was a pretty good day. Except for the scorching sun and sitting and traffic and burning and thinking that I was going to spontaneously combust and explode the car causing the other cars around me to explode in GTA3, or planning on -- with my friend -- to storm Bike Girl's dorm and tell her to stop "stalking" me though she clearly isn't, or just to do something nasty to her. Ha. But we would never.....

Yes, so good day folks.